Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mt. Rushmore

In July we traveled to Rapid City, South Dakota to visit some friends and see Mount Rushmore!  Definitely a dream of ours, so when we realized our friends (who are stationed in the air force) would only be there for one more year we hopped on a plane and made it happen.

Ok, so South Dakota is GORGEOUS.  Who knew?  All those years living in Wyoming and we never took a road trip.  For shame!

The drive to Mount Rushmore was almost as special as getting there.  The road snaked through the forest and every so often a break in the trees would showcase the mountain.  It was so cool!

There was also several places to pull over and get amazing photos.

I have to say, the mountain isn't actually that big--- but it was cooler than I thought it would be.  The visitor center just makes you happy to be an American!

Luckily the weather was glorious, so we really enjoyed ourselves for a few hours hiking around the area.  There are trails and boardwalks all around it, each offering a unique view of the faces.

Well, we can check that one off the list!  (Grand Canyon, we're still coming for you.)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Police Academy Grad

My brother in law graduated from the police academy, so we went to his graduation to support him and reminisce about Jason's time there.  
The kids were excited to enjoy cupcakes during the reception after the ceremony.  

They enjoyed them a little TOO much.

Afterwards we wandered around the academy and the kids pretended they were graduating too.

We even found Jason's class picture.  

McKay was just a baby when he was in the academy.  How time has flown!

Friday, March 31, 2017


Our brother in law graduated from the Police Academy in June, so we went a day early so we could be tourists in Seattle.  The kids had never been in the Space Needle, so we started there.

We bought tickets and then waited in a long line for the elevators to take us to the observation deck.  It was a typical gloomy Seattle day, but the views were still great.

We also headed over to Pike's Place Market and browsed all the shops and produce stands.  We watched the famous fish market workers throw fish around, but we didn't end up buying anything.

We also took a few hours to explore the Pacific Science Center which happened to have a special exhibit of art made from Legos.  We could not resist!

We were amazed at the classic works of art the artist recreated from LEGOS!

At the end of the exhibit each kid could write their name on a Lego brick and add it to an ongoing creation.

The rest of the science center was fun too.  There were tide pools, an insect and butterfly exhibit, space exhibits, dinosaurs, and much more!  We didn't get to everything so someday we'll have to go back.