Tuesday, March 28, 2017


 Summer finally decided to get warm, and we began enjoying our flowers and fruit trees.  We beat the birds to a few of our cherries and actually got a few handfuls.  (Last year we were too slow and got none!)  

But our newest venture this year was our chickens!  My friend Mary and her family decided to move to Florida and offered us her rather large flock of chickens.  I talked Jason into it and he got to work building a chicken coop that would fit 10 chickens.  Well, when we went to pick up the chickens, we found that there was new chicks!  With how busy Mary was with packing, she hadn't sent her kids out to collect eggs for awhile and since they have a rooster..... ta da!  MORE chickens!

But they're so cute, so how could we resist?

We kept the babies and their momma separated from the rest for awhile, and then slowly introduced them into the big coop.  The boys spent a lot of time with the chickens for the first few weeks, and treated it like a play house, climbing in and around it.  The chickens are pretty friendly and most of them let the boys pick them up or pet them.  

Sadie is quite the bird dog, so she was drawn to them as well!  We had to make sure there were no holes in that chicken wire to keep her and the coyotes away!

You couldn't keep McKay away though.  Those chicks were HIS babies and he played with them daily.   I even caught him climbing into the nesting box on occasion.

He named them all, and called this one with the funny hair "Nigel",  and the biggest of the babies "Smalls."  

The great thing about adopting adult chickens is that we got eggs right away!
Delicious, organic, colorful, eggs!

SO yummy.  We will never go back to store bought eggs!

Riverfront Park, Spokane

We started our summer with a day trip to Spokane to visit Omar's family.  We went earlier in the day so we could spend a few hours at Riverfront park and be tourists.  It was a little chilly for June, but still nice enough to be outside.
After eating at a delicious sub shop in downtown, we bought tickets for the gondola and rode over Spokane Falls.  They gondola rocked a little so the boys weren't too sure at first, but they quickly got comfortable and we had a nice ride.

We also rode the famous carousel,

and played on the giant Radio Flyer wagon.

We have been to Spokane many times, but never done these things, so we enjoyed being tourists for the day.  Later in the summer we were tourists in Seattle for the same reason, but more on that later!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

End of school and Graduations

Ashton had his preschool end of the year party at the park on a beautiful day with all his buddies.  They enjoyed ice cream and the chance to run around and scream without getting shushed!  
Good time.

That night they had a small graduation ceremony with 3 other preschool classes.
Each kid got the chance to walk across a big stage and receive a diploma.  It was so cute, but the kids were a little overwhelmed by the huge stage and audience.  Luckily they had their teachers to help them.

Ok Ashton, you're ready for kindergarten!

All three kiddos posing with their favorite teacher, Miss Teddy.  All three of them had her for preschool during their time at Gateway.  

Ashton also loved his other teacher Miss Amy.

Hunter's end of the year orchestra/marimba concert was a big to-do, and great fun.  He really loved playing violin and will continue playing in middle school.
During the last marimba number he got to beat on the drums and march.  Getting to play with the marimba band was a wonderful experience for him the last 2 years.  We are lucky to have such a good music program!

5th grade graduation came next! They posted all the kids kindergarten pictures next to their 5th grade pictures on a board at the school.
There was a big ceremony at the school and everyone got a matching T-shirt and diploma.

We loved his 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Biglin.

Hunter is so lucky to have awesome buddies Logan and Tanner.  They loved doing orchestra and math club together!

They were all in Mrs. Biglin's class together too!

On the last day of school I couldn't help snapping a picture of our neighbor kids about to get on the elementary bus.  They are excited for summer!